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A turning point in Almeria, this was the XXIV AGO

The twenty-fourth Ordinary General Assembly (hereinafter AGO) held by the National Assembly of Students of Physical Activity and Sport (hereinafter Anecafyde) has come to an end. On this occasion, the University of Almeria was responsible for hosting the XXIV AGO from 2-6 November.

A very special AGO with many new faces, where both veterans and newcomers have been able to enjoy a few days where training and leisure have been combined in an exceptional way to achieve a very complete assembly.

From the first day the attendees could count on a training days where there were several presentations on various topics: rehabilitation, movement and performance, sport and mental health and physical education. All this from nationally renowned speakers such as Ilde Araque, Samuel Torres, Antonio J. Casimiro and Francisco J. Espinosa, the presentations are posted on our Instagram.

During the second and third day of the AGO, training sessions focused on the two objectives that were set for this AGO:

  • To start the elaboration of the new Strategic Plan of the Association.

  • To continue working towards professional regulation, with the aim of informing all the students of the work being carried out with the future Law for the Regulation of Sports Professions.

Therefore, the assemblies were able to enjoy trainings oriented towards the strategic plan and the professional regulation.

In the last two days, the AGO took place, where it is worth mentioning the approvals of several documents, the new positions in CP, the adhesion of the Loyola University of Seville and the University of Malaga and finally the election of the venue for the XXV AGO.

Summary of the XXIV AGO

  • President: Daniel Franco

  • Vice-President for External Affairs: Mireia Carrasco

  • Vice-President for Internal Affairs: Esther García

  • Vice-President for University Affairs: Pablo Jácome

  • Secretary: Iker Alcuaz

  • Treasurer: Cristina Vergara

  • Director of Communications: Jose Castro

  • Central-Canary Islands Zone Coordination: vacancy

  • Coordination of the Levante Zone: Hugo Marcelino

  • Northeast Zone Coordination: Guillermo Abad

  • North Zone Coordinator: Gaizka Uriarte

  • South Zone Coordination: Luis Mariano Arcediano

  • Former Assembly Member: Carmen Pedraz

  • Former Board of Directors: Rodrigo Yague

  • The timing of the action plan of the Anecafyde Strategic Plan for the 24th Inter-Assembly was approved.

  • The position regarding the Order establishing validations between modules of the common block of sports education and certain official qualifications related to physical activity and sport and determining the procedure for the individualised resolution of validations is approved.

  • The Universitat de Barcelona and Universitat de Lleida have been chosen to host the XXV AGO.

  • The University of Malaga and Loyola University of Seville are now members of Anecafyde, consolidating their position as the forty-ninth and fiftieth associated universities.

This is the end of the XXIV Assembly, a very special one and one that has meant a lot to the Assembly, now it is time to work, the inter-assembly period has arrived, there is a lot of work to do and it will be a very intense period, but this time we are more than ever and the Assembly is committed, all together we will manage to move it forward.


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