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List of official master's degrees and own titles

Updated January 3, 2023

The purpose of this document is to facilitate the decision of future graduates in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences when choosing their Postgraduate studies.

The characteristics of the Bologna Plan, as well as the increasing  competitiveness of the labor market, make these studies a specialization tool for students, whose objective is to find work, and for society, whose objective is to find better qualified professionals, serves as a differentiating tool.

However, the current socioeconomic situation forces us to be as careful as possible when choosing postgraduate studies, since their prices can be prohibitively high for the majority of the population and, nevertheless, we do not always receive all the formation of the same that we expected. It should also be noted that not all postgraduate studies are official.

Due to the above, the National Assembly of Students of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences of Spain has drafted this document, which it hopes will become a very helpful advisory tool for graduates when it comes to gathering information. and choose their Postgraduate studies.

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