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Greetings from the Presidency

My name is Daniel Franco, President of the National Assembly of Students of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences of Spain.

If you are a student of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, graduate or graduate, if you are a professional in Sports Sciences, or if you simply like sports or have found this website browsing the Internet, I welcome you to the Anecafyde website.


Anecafyde was created with the intention of being a meeting and debate point for future professionals in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, who fill the classrooms of all the Faculties and Institutes where our degree is taught. The Association serves as the megaphone of the student body on those issues that affect us all, regardless of the university in which we are pursuing our university degree.

Our Student Association was created on May 10, 2010, more than 10 years ago. This initiative was born from a small group of student representatives from various universities concerned about their present and future in the world of physical activity and sport. This small team decided to embark on a great mission, that of uniting all the CCAFD student representatives from all the universities in Spain, with the intention of working together to achieve more ambitious objectives, such as the organization and regulation of professions. of sport.

At present, Anecafyde represents more than 25,000 students throughout almost 47 university centers that teach our degree. More than 25,000 students who come to its classrooms day after day, with the intention of training to be the best professionals in the field of sports professions once they graduate from the universities.

Ours is a degree with a great future ahead, which tries to improve the quality of life and health of the Spanish population, to increase sports performance and to direct and manage sports services. This is a prestige that, however, is not yet reflected in current legislation. I hope you enjoy our website, that you find all the information you were looking for and that, like us, you are proud to be a Physical Activity and Sports Science student.

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